Hybrid chemical anchor VIN ECO CE

Bonded anchor with ETA for post-installed rebar,
fixings in masonry and non-cracked concrete

  • EAD 330499-00-0601 M8-M24 Threaded rods and Rebar (option 7)
  • EAD 330087-00-0601 8-12mm Rebar Post-Installed + Fire Test
  • EAD 330076-00-0804 M6-M12 Hollow Wall/Masonry Installations
  • WRAS Approved for use with Potable drinking water approval no. 1501531
  • LEED tested 2009 EQ c4.1 SCAQMD rule 1168 (2005)
  • VOC A+ Rating (Volatile Organic Content)

Also suitable for:
  • Concrete C12/C15
  • Natural stone

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