Vinylester chemical anchor VSM CE

Bonded anchor for structural fixings in seismic zone 
fixing in seismic C1-C2

  • EAD 330499-00-0601 M8 - M30 Threaded rod and Rebar
  • EAD 330087-00-0601 Ø8 - Ø32 Rebar post-installed + Fire test
  • EAD 330076-00-0604 M8 - M16 Hollow wall / Masonry installation
  • R240 Fire Test Report SIGGMA
  • LEED tested 2009 EQ c4.1 SCAQMD rule 1168 (2005)
  • VOC A+ Rating (Volatile Organic Content)
  • Seismic category C1: M8-M30/Ø8-Ø32
  • Seismic category C2: M12, M16, M20

Also suitable for:
  • Non-cracked concrete C12/15 (Not covered by ETA)
  • Natural stone (Not covered by ETA)
  • Solid brick (Not covered by ETA)

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