Research and development

The customer needs to continuously improve technical and technological pushes Vorpa to remain always with an eye to the future. Every innovation, both of performance and application, is constantly accompanied by the company's ability to deliver products on-line and fully responsive to the needs of the customer.

Continuous research leads Vorpa to design and implement innovative and reliable solutions in the field of anchoring systems for building industry, promoting sustainable growth and shared through a dynamic, responsible, punctual and close to the customer service. The R & D department of Vorpa is driven by a specific system for the design and development of new products, high-tech and innovative.

Production processes

The processes involved in the construction of anchors are executed entirely within the premises of the company, with the exception of surface treatments. Every step of production, starting from the preparation of cold-drawn steel tapes to packaging of the finished product, is controlled by reference to a "Point of Excellence", which indicates the expected standard by the Vorpa Quality System. To ensure the highest quality, Vorpa steel anchors are made from materials supplied by the most excellent Italian and European suppliers.

Viewpoints & customer care

Market dynamics and the evolving competitive environments require changes not only in terms of solutions and products developed but also in terms of mutual business cooperation. The business process must achieve excellent quality standards and high levels of performance, and to respond to new and changing market mechanisms and to better meet the diverse needs of customers.  VORPA in recent years implemented a series of activities inspired by a philosophical and productive approach that tends to reduce waste in order to achieve an optimal ratio between maximum flexibility, competitiveness, efficiency and reduced costs. The company has carried out a reorganization of the entire supply chain to establish a lasting relationship with customers, ensuring reliability and mutual trust. Vorpa ensure a prompt and timely responses in the pre-sales and post-sales service, to satisfy the customer and ensure maximum reliability.