About us

Our philosophy

The culture of Vorpa is founded on team spirit, the integration of skills and teamwork. Always Vorabbi family is aware that the basis of the consolidation and development of the company there is, and there must be, the cohesion of the efforts of responsible people.
Many actions of Vorpa are therefore targeted to disseminate and improve team spirit, which helps to give a clear and strong identity to the company. From this flow the numerous strengths, true corporate assets.

Vorpa looks back on more than 45 years of activity and experience, but still the compass that guides the company's commitment is looking towards the future. 
Every day is renewed in Vorpa the desire not to disappoint the expectations of its customers in terms of efficiency, safety, new technologies and diversified solutions, attention to the quality of work and respect for the environment that surrounds us.   

All of this has led the company to become a landmark in the field of fastening in Italy and in Europe, the successes collected over the years testify to the continued progress of its products in terms of functionality, reliability, durability.
It was not easy, but Vorpa was able to hit its targets, often anticipating trends, sensing before others the importance of the use of new technologies applied to the processes of production, the potential of the digital and the value of communication.
The dynamism of its founder still strong in the company, driving the passionate commitment of its men to have the keen eye to capture the changes in the market and the many different requests.

Vorpa points of strenght

  • Quality certified products
  • Technical assistance
  • Training and know-how
  • Customer's satisfaction
  • Quick deliveries and timely
  • Assistance in the pipeline
  • Centrality of human factor
  • Reliability
  • Customized Solutions
  • Direct line access

Our production plants

Head office
Via San Leo,5 – 47838 Riccione
Warehouse – Logistic
Via San Leo, 4/30 – 47838 Riccione

Production site
Via dell’Artigianato 10 – 47838 Riccione
Via dell’Artigianato 12 – 47838 Riccione