EASYFIT extrusion adaptor for cordless drill

EASYFIT adaptor for cordless drill for extrusion of
silicone cartridges and chemical anchors

  • Easyfit 300ml adapter: It can be used to extrude standard silicone cartridges with contents from 290 to 310ml, as well as all the cartridges of Vorpa sealants and chemical anchors of the same format. Weight 0.72kg
  • Easyfit coax 380/420ml adapter:It can be used to extrude exclusively standard coaxial cartridges with content from 380ml to 420ml, as well as cartridges of the same Vorpa chemical anchors types. Weight 1.34kg

  • Easyfit is an innovative patented device that allows to convert any battery electric drill into a powerful extrusion tool for silicone and chemical anchoring cartridges, without the need to use an expensive dedicated and separate battery tool
  • With Easyfit, the standard drill or work tool can be converted into a rapid extrusion tool and vice versa in seconds, so no worries about storing and loading separate battery packs. The use of the Easyfit adapter allows to significantly reduce timing for repeated extrusions and extended length applications
  • The Easyfit adapters are lightweight and fit into any conventional battery drill, can be fold and are easy to store
  • Easy to store not in use
  • Pressure control with speed-adjustable drills
  • Standard fittings to fit any cordless drill
  • Limited and fluid extrusions
  • Separate battery-powered tools are not required
  • Save time and energy

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