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WIRE ROPE CLIP italian standard

For heavy duty loads with wire ropes and cables
vorpa en p677775-wire-rope-clip-italian-standard 011 = Suitable application vorpa en p677775-wire-rope-clip-italian-standard 012 = after checking the consistency of the base material

Suitable to fix

  • Steel ropes
  • Plant cables
  • Rods
  • Tension ropes and cables
  • Ropes ENEL number 263202
  • Ropes serial number TELECOM 02076-8
Before starting to operate, perform the correspondence check functional and performance of the clamp installed to confirm its suitability
Selection criteria:
  • The clips must be chosen according to the cable diameter
  • The clips must be used only for wire ropes
  • Permissible temperature between -20°C e + 80°C
  • Periodically check the functionality and efficiency of the clamp
  • The tightening torque must be transmitted with a tightening torque wrench
  • The clamp works efficiently until its geometric and physical characteristics and the applied tightening torque remain unchanged

Incorrect use:

In order not to compromise the safety and functionality of the product and not cause serious situations of danger for the safety of people or things
  • DO NOT use the clamps in situations contrary to national safety or accident laws
  • DO NOT combine the clamps with non-compliant accessories modifying them in the structure or in the form
  • DO NOT use the clamps in equipment intended for the transport or lifting of persons or animals
  • DO NOT exceed the loads indicated in the table
  • DO NOT ignore the instructions for use regarding the correct selection or arrangement of the device to which the clamps will be connected with
  • DO NOT use the wire rope clips in tension with equipment that can change its own static configuration, the barycentre or the chemical state
  • DO NOT use the clips to join together two pieces of rope by welding it with metal parts or by intervening with welding fillings or using it as a mass for welding machines
  • DO NOT use the clips with plastic covered wire ropes, or for the construction of buttonholes to be used in lifting, do not use the clips connecting them to equipment of size, temperature point of coupling and shape not suitable for its characteristics, do not use them in situations of failure or incorrect maintenance

Limitations DO NOT use the clamps:
  • when the tightening torque is higher than indicated
  • as structural failures can occur on the U-bolt
  • when a smaller number of terminals is applied to how much indicated
  • at temperatures other than those indicated
  • when the force guideline does not extend along the main axis of the rope

Suitable for:
  • Wire ropes
  • Cables
  • Rods

WIRE ROPE CLIP italian standard

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