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TOP SAFETY heavy duty anchor

Special permanent security nut


vorpa en p417550-top-safety-heavy-duty-anchor 012
Non cracked concrete
vorpa en p417550-top-safety-heavy-duty-anchor 013
Solid base material
vorpa en p417550-top-safety-heavy-duty-anchor 014
Solid brick
vorpa en p417550-top-safety-heavy-duty-anchor 015
Natural stone
vorpa en p417550-top-safety-heavy-duty-anchor 016 = Suitable application vorpa en p417550-top-safety-heavy-duty-anchor 017 = after checking the consistency of the base material


vorpa en p417550-top-safety-heavy-duty-anchor 018
vorpa en p417550-top-safety-heavy-duty-anchor 019

Suitable to fix

  • Window and door frames
  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Iron bars
  • Traffc signals
  • Garden fttings


  • Anti-rotation during the installation procedure
  • Fixing can be easily driven in, therefore less installation effort
  • Three-part expansion sleeve allows even load distribution and small edge and axial spacing.
  • Possibility of pre-setting applications and through-setting applications
  • Smooth expansion thanks to the three sectors body
  • Shear nut
  • TOP AF sleeve anchor is a through fxing, thus ensuring fast and simple installation. Ideal for many 
  • security applications in a wide variety of base materials. The unique AF drive permanent nut offers an 
  • accurate torque controlled security fxing which can be re-torqued if necessary.
  • TOP AE sleeve anchor, security anchors with shear nut for fnal fxing of windows, iron fences, gates, etc. Suitable for every compact building materials. Exceeding a torque of 19 Nm the hexagonal head takes off giving no chance to slip off the fxing. Hexagonal head and washer are made in A2 Stainless Steel.​

Suitable for:
  • Non-cracked concrete
  • Natural stone
  • Solid brick​

Suggestions for use
  • Choose the most suitable accessory in relation to the application to carry out
  • Choose the right size of the anchor according to the load
  • Always check load bearing capacity values in the table
  • Respect the installation data
  • Clean the hole before the installation

TOP SAFETY heavy duty anchor

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