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For anti-falling nets
Safety hook TOP AC M12
Safety hook AC M12 DR - photo 1
Safety wook hook AC L 12 - photo 2
Safety hook AC M12 VA CE Ø15 - photo 3


vorpa en p549851-anti-falling-safety-hooks-ac 011
Non cracked concrete
vorpa en p549851-anti-falling-safety-hooks-ac 012
Solid base material
vorpa en p549851-anti-falling-safety-hooks-ac 013
vorpa en p549851-anti-falling-safety-hooks-ac 014
Perforated base material
vorpa en p549851-anti-falling-safety-hooks-ac 015
Natural stone
vorpa en p549851-anti-falling-safety-hooks-ac 016 = Suitable application vorpa en p549851-anti-falling-safety-hooks-ac 017 = after checking the consistency of the base material

Suitable to fix

  • Antifalling nets
  • Wire ropes and cables
  • Safety hook with an innovative concept. The particular fold given to the hook ensures closure of the same, once the load of fall on the network it reaches the value of 700 daN on concrete and 450 daN on laminated wood
  • Possibility to insert and unfasten the fall prevention cable on the hook once made the fixing
  • The hook is recovered once the work is finished 
  • High loadability thanks to the adaptation of the eyelet to the anchor
  • Wide selection of expanding bodies
  • Wide range of assortment of hooks and anchors​
  • Test reports available
  • Suitable for applications on iron beams IPE structures and metal carpentry in combination with special clamp Vorpa for anti-falling nets

Suitable for:
  • Concrete
  • Solid brick
  • Natural stone
  • Boards and panels
  • Wood lamella GL24h

Suggestion for use:
  • Choose the most suitable accessory in relation the application to carry out
  • Choose the right size of the anchor according to the load
  • Always check load bearing capacity values in the table
  • Respect the installation data
  • Clean the hole before the installation


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