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VSL steel screw

Assesment for wood buildings
vorpa en p427242-vsl-steel-screw 010
VSL wood building screws


vorpa en p427242-vsl-steel-screw 012
vorpa en p427242-vsl-steel-screw 013 = Suitable application vorpa en p427242-vsl-steel-screw 014 = after checking the consistency of the base material


vorpa en p427242-vsl-steel-screw 015
vorpa en p427242-vsl-steel-screw 016

Suitable to fix

  • Outside fittings
  • Covering
  • Big structures
  • Wood carpentry
  • Wood building screw, TORX recess
  • European Technical Assesment EAD 130118-00-0603
  • Drilling is not necessary
  • Suitable for permanent and removable fxings both inside and outside
  • High performances in wood
  • No risk to make slits on the wood thanks to the milling body
  • Special pre-drilling design
  • Quick pitch thread milling thread reducing risk of splitting
  • Fast screw pitch successfully reduced labor time by 40%
  • High quality surface treatment for fast and easy application
  • Ribs under head no pre-countersinking​​

Suitable for:
  • Wood​

Suggestion for use:
  • Choose the right size of the screw according to the load
  • Always check load bearing capacity values in the table
  • Respect the installation data

VSL steel screw

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