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HU steel fixing

For plasterboard and panels
Metal cavity fixing with screw
Metal cavity fixing HU with bolt screw - photo 1
Metal cavity fixing with hook - photo 2
HTU hook and bolt adapter - photo 3


vorpa en p421223-hu-steel-fixing 011
Hollow cement block
vorpa en p421223-hu-steel-fixing 012
Plasterboard boards panels
vorpa en p421223-hu-steel-fixing 013
Perforated base material
vorpa en p421223-hu-steel-fixing 014 = Suitable application vorpa en p421223-hu-steel-fixing 015 = after checking the consistency of the base material

Suitable to fix

  • Skirting
  • Lightings, paintings
  • Curtains slide guides
  • Quick, easy and secure installation
  • The metric internal thread allows the attachment to be removed and reftted several times
  • The expanding arms ensure a large supporting surface
  • The claws around the edge of the fxing penetrate the board building material, preventing the fxing from rotating
  • Load bearing capacity
  • During the installation procedure the expanding arms swing open and press onto the reverse side of the board
  • The metal fxing can be installed using installation pliers. If using a battery operated screwdriver or screwdriver for installation, the pre-assembled screws must be removed first​

Suitable for:
  • Hollow brick
  • Boards and panels
  • Plasterboard​

Suggestion for use:
  • Always consider an appropriate safety factor
  • Check load bearing capacity values 
  • Respect the installation data
  • Clean the hole before the installation

HU steel fixing

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