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PC F metal screw

For plasterboard and metal profiles


vorpa en p421237-pc-f-metal-screw 011
Plasterboard boards panels
vorpa en p421237-pc-f-metal-screw 012
Special alloys-stainless steel-metal
vorpa en p421237-pc-f-metal-screw 013 = Suitable application vorpa en p421237-pc-f-metal-screw 014 = after checking the consistency of the base material

Suitable to fix

  • Metal plates
  • Thin profiles
  • Substructures of plasterboard
  • Connection of metal profiles
  • Efficient solution for serial machine assembly
  • Safe and economical
  • No pre-drilling required​

Suitable for:
  • Profiles
  • Metal plates

PC F metal screw

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