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Bitumen based mastic


vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 011
Non cracked concrete
vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 012
Solid base material
vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 013
Granite - porcellain gres
vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 013
Refractory material klinker
vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 015
Perforated base material
vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 016
Special alloys-stainless steel-metal
vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 017
Natural stone
vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 018
vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 019 = Suitable application vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 020 = after checking the consistency of the base material


vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 021
vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 022
vorpa en p429716-roof-and-gutter-sealant 023

Suitable to fix

Areas for use:
  • Fills and seals gaps/cracks in most roofing applications
  • Bonds to: concrete, roofing felt, lead, zinc, steel and masonry
  • For bedding tiles, slates and flashing into position
  • Joint sealing on gutters and down pipes
  • Sticking down loose roofing felt
  • Joint sealing between corrugated asbestos cement and iron sheeting etc.
  • Incorporates polymer additives to improve adhesion
  • Can be applied in wet conditions, even under heavy rain
  • Semi drying - remains permanently elastic beneath surface skin
  • High solids formulation - excellent gap filling properties without shrinkage
  • Excellent external weathering properties
  • Form ready to use thixotropic paste, black in colour
  • Elastoplastic sealant adhesive based on bituminous elastomeric resins which adhere on most common building materials, even on wet surfaces, forming a flexible film
  • For bonding and sealing of roofs, insulation materials (excluded expanded PS), ceramic tiles, roofing tiles, polymeric surfaces (plastics) free of plasticizers.
  • To seal and waterproof joints, cracks, various breakings, car body shells, etc.
  • Adheres on concrete, zinc, wood, aluminium, metal sheet, etc.
  • Good occasional resistance to solvents, except turpentine and mineral oils.
  • Not overpaintable, not compatible with other sealants

  • Color black
  • Specific weight ca. 1,02 g/cm3
  • Viscosity fixotropic paste
  • Boiling point 150 °C
  • Flash point > 39 °C
  • Application temperature 5 ÷ 30 °C
  • Open time < 20 min.
  • Temperature resistance -35 ÷ 110 °C
  • Strain absent​​

  • Do not use on glass
  • Do not use on PVC
  • Do not use internally

Surface preparation:
  • Surfaces must be sound, clean and dry, free of oil and other contaminants. Apply with sealant gun in curbs. Complete curing depends on width and atmospheric conditions and may take from 12 hours to 2 days. Anyway, after some hours a good adhesion and consistence are obtained. Tols can be cleaned with mineral turpentine.
  • Consumption as adhesive: ca. 310 ml/mq
  • Consumption as sealant (0,5 x 0,5) cm: ca. 10 meters


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