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MULTISET PLUS polyester pourable resin

Two-part free mix  rapid curing concrete repair resin
CV MULTISET PLUS 5 kg.container
CV MULTISET PLUS 1 kg.container - photo 1


vorpa en p526803-multiset-plus-polyester-pourable-resin 011
Non cracked concrete
vorpa en p526803-multiset-plus-polyester-pourable-resin 012
Solid base material
vorpa en p526803-multiset-plus-polyester-pourable-resin 013
vorpa en p526803-multiset-plus-polyester-pourable-resin 014
Natural stone
vorpa en p526803-multiset-plus-polyester-pourable-resin 015 = Suitable application vorpa en p526803-multiset-plus-polyester-pourable-resin 016 = after checking the consistency of the base material


vorpa en p526803-multiset-plus-polyester-pourable-resin 017
vorpa en p526803-multiset-plus-polyester-pourable-resin 018

Suitable to fix

  • Anchoring threaded steel bolts into solid surfaces, typically cementitious surfaces
  • Bedding-in coping stones, concrete units, steel, concrete or wooden posts
  • Repairs to large cracks in concrete surfaces requiring a self-levelling characteristic or difficult to reach areas
  • Traffic signs - crash-noise barriers on the road 
  • Bus shelters
  • 1 Kg container unit
  • 5 kg container unit

  • Multiset Plus is a two component polyester mortar to fix threaded rod or rebar in a concrete floor, stone or plain brick. As a liquid product it can also be used to fill cracks. Ideal to fix playground equipment and bus shelters, traffic signs, crash and noise barriers on the road.
  • Fixing of rods or rebars in solid and hollow supports
  • Useful to fill cavities, cracks or difficult access areas
  • High solid content
  • Easy to apply
  • Slight contraction
  • High mechanical and physical resistance

Suggestion for use:
  • Remove water and dirt (dust and loose material) with a circular brush and a blower or with air pressure.
  • Prepare the mixture of Multiset Plus with base and hardener.
  • Mix both components thoroughly to reach a homogeneous mixture (if necessary, use a drill with a mixer).
  • The items to be fastened must be clean.
  • Spill the product from the base of the hole until 2/3 full.
  • Insert the element to be fastened rotating, if necessary, keep the position with a suitable device.
  • Wait the recommended working and drying times.
  • Before injection, verify the expiry date of the product, the support resistance and the ambient temperature. Setting and any subsequent adjustment are only possible during working time. In unopened original packaging, one year from manufacturing date. Store the product in a ventilated place away from direct exposure to sunlight. Keep between 5ºC and 25ºC.

MULTISET PLUS polyester pourable resin

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