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Innovative fixing system for distance installation in ETICS
Thermoiso plus
Example of application - photo 1
Example of application - photo 2


vorpa en p1079019-thermoiso-plus 011
Non cracked concrete
vorpa en p1079019-thermoiso-plus 012
Hollow base material
vorpa en p1079019-thermoiso-plus 013
Solid base material
vorpa en p1079019-thermoiso-plus 014
Perforated base material
vorpa en p1079019-thermoiso-plus 015
Natural stone
vorpa en p1079019-thermoiso-plus 016
Insulation panels
vorpa en p1079019-thermoiso-plus 017 = Suitable application vorpa en p1079019-thermoiso-plus 018 = after checking the consistency of the base material


vorpa en p1079019-thermoiso-plus 019
vorpa en p1079019-thermoiso-plus 020

Suitable to fix

  • Blinds
  • Hinges
  • Rain descendants
  • Shelters
  • Curtains
  • Innovative anchorage system for masonry coated by heatinsulating panels and insulation materials.
  • High mechanical strength even on panels lined with panels high thickness insulators.
  • Elimination of the so-called “thermal bridge” internal-external, ie prevents thermal dispersions in edifices, condensates and molds.
  • Thermoiso Plus is universal, it can be used on any type of masonry, both full and perforated.
  • Quick, practical and intuitive application does not require any particulars equipment, only one drill-machine, a drill bit and a chemical cartridge
  • Drilling diameter reduced compared to conventional methodologies.
  • The thermoiso system is convenient because it offers a solution to ideal fixation at a low cost. it is advisable to use an adhesive sealant on the back of the support ring to prevent any water infiltration in the panel.

Fixing system consisting of:
  • 2mm thick wrought iron sheet structure and punched M12 and M16 threaded rod, welded to provide extra load resistance. Zinc coating electrolytic for corrosion protection.
  • The system allows applications on insulated walls with a thickness of 60 mm to 190 mm (205 mm on compact walls). It is also possible to use it on larger coats reducing the shear load; polyamide sleeve specially designed to accommodate M8, M10 or M12 accessories and Ø6 to Ø12 wood screws. Avoids the contact of the threaded with the bearing structure in metal, eliminating the thermal bridge between the interior and exterior of the building.
  • The support ring gives a pleasant aesthetic finish and allows perfect alignment to the wall; special perforated sleeve for anchoring with injection resins on perforated walls (on compact masonry is not required

Suitable for:
  • Concrete
  • Natural stone
  • Solid brick
  • Perforated brick
  • Hollow brick
  • Cellular concrete
  • Aerated concrete

  • Through-setting anchor


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