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HSS TITANIUM twist drill bit

Professional use up to 900N/m2 for metal


vorpa en p982729-hss-titanium-twist-drill-bit 011
Special alloys-stainless steel-metal
vorpa en p982729-hss-titanium-twist-drill-bit 012 = Suitable application vorpa en p982729-hss-titanium-twist-drill-bit 013 = after checking the consistency of the base material


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vorpa en p982729-hss-titanium-twist-drill-bit 015
vorpa en p982729-hss-titanium-twist-drill-bit 016
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  • Titanium coated twist drill bit for use on materials with a tensile strenght up to 900N/m2, professional use
  • Ground tip coated with titanium 135° conical section-hardness 64-65 HRC
  • Direct drilling without prior centering or drilling of a pilot hole
  • Safe pilot hole drilling, even in slanting surfaces, in pipes and/or welds
  • Even chip removal and reduction of chip friction
  • Extremely true running and precise round holes
  • No jamming of the main cutting edge and no slipping of the drill bit for through-holes
  • High fracture strength and long life
  • Due to the titanium coating addition these drill bits are well-suited for workpieces with a tensile strength up to 900N/mm2
  • Extra high temperature strength to cope with suboptimal supply of coolant

Suitable for:
  • A2 stainless steel
  • A4 stainless steel
  • Special alloys
  • Alloyed steel
  • Cast iron
Suggestions for use:
  • To be used with lubricant and coolant emulsion
  • Use special drilling oils in case of extremely hard alloy and heat resistant materials
  • Use normal freezing mixtures for standard steel or low adhesiveness materials
  • Dry-drilling in case of short chips, brass and cast iron
  • Lift the drill bit for time to time in order that the oil can penetrate into the material
  • Sharpen the cutting edges regularly
  • Do not use drill bits with rotopercussion

HSS TITANIUM twist drill bit

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