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Foamgun cleaner
vorpa en p419837-cleaner-for-foamplus 011 = Suitable application vorpa en p419837-cleaner-for-foamplus 012 = after checking the consistency of the base material


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Suitable to fix

Useful for uncured foam residue on:
  • Can valves
  • PU-foam gun applicators
  • Working clothes
  • Working surfaces
  • CLEANER is a product designed for removing uncured polyurethane foams or adhesives
  • It is useful for cleaning of can valves and PU-foam gun applicators
  • Cleaner can be used with normal cans due to the attachable spray nozzle
  • Suitable for removing uncured foam residue
  • The cleaner is excellent for degreasing metal surfaces before application of silicones and polyurethane
  • The propellant used is ozone friendly​

Instructions for use:
  • Screw Foamgun-Cleaner into the adapter of the gun
  • Put the trigger of the gun untill only clean solvent fows out the nozzle
  • Not suitable for cured foam
  • To clean other surfaces, normally spray product by the supplied valve
  • Pressurized container: protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C. Do not pierce or burn, even after use. Do not spray on a naked fame or any incandescent material.


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